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What it’s all about

What is BritBound?
In the least amount of words(!!)....BritBound is a relocation service and social events club rolled into one. At the heart of BritBound is a community of independent travellers (BritBounders) who socialise, support and share each others adventures whilst living and working in the UK


What BritBound is not!
While some companies just give you the basics and send you on your way, we support our BritBounders from the moment you book one of our packages through to the day you leave the UK.
We also don’t believe in scaring you into becoming a BritBounder by suggesting that you’d fail without us. We just know how much time and effort goes into setting things up when you arrive especially without the correct advice and assistance. Like our other BritBounders we’re sure you’d prefer to spend your first month here exploring, travelling, meeting people and having fun, not stressing out!!

Who we are

Introducing Team BritBound
If there’s one thing you’ll soon get to know about us, is that here at BritBound we all have a genuine love for what we do!  We possibly have the most sociable roles on the planet. We get to talk to you in the months leading up to your departure date, then we meet you when you get here – and that’s just the beginning!


What we do
Our roles are first and foremost to be experts and your ‘go to guru’ for everything connected to your move here. We believe that your first few weeks will set the precedent for the next few months – so ensuring you have a positive and successful start is our number one priority. Secondly, and of equal importance, is to make sure that once here your social life becomes the envy of your nearest and dearest back home! So as a BritBounder, if you’re not adding friends to your Facebook page at an eye popping rate, then we’ve failed you socially – but rest assured this will not happen!


Why we’re good at it

We’re with you all the way 
When you become a BritBounder you're more than just a number passing through the door. We're often asked how we remember everyones names.....and the answer, it’s easy!! As our team are all involved in every aspect of your move here – visa, bank accounts, NI numbers, jobs etc we great when we finally get to meet you in person. Apart from this unparalleled level of interaction we also get to socialise with you across the many events we run. This is why BritBound is unique; we’re so much more than just helping you get set up and working. So when we say ‘Share the Adventure’ we really mean it!!

We’re in the heart of the action! 
Being based in the UK not only means we get to welcome you when you arrive but it also means we are reactionary to changes that occur in the marketplace. The UK, especially London is a fast paced city, being here means we move with it and can keep you up to date and in the know!

We are committed to our community
Half of our team here are BritBounders themselves and the rest of us have lived and worked overseas. So we’re very much part of this community; we have our finger on the pulse, we know what works and hear quickly when things don’t. We have a never ending source of feedback and ideas (you!!) – So things never stay still here for long!

We do this full time! 
We specialise in providing a ‘Work and Travel’ experience. We are not a hostel, a recruitment agency or operate in any other sector where these packages are an ‘Add on’ to the ‘real core service’. This is what we do 24/7 all day every day.


Why you should do it

Are you a potential BritBounder?
We hope so! But this is what you need to decide! See above for ‘What BritBound is not’! The majority of our BritBounders have joined because their friends have recommended us (always the best testament), but in case you’re the first in your group to head over to the’s why becoming a BritBounder should be the next decision you make!

We’re affordable
The first thing you’ll notice about our packages is that they are great value.  We don’t want to make too big a dent in your travel budget because we you’re going to need it for all the incredible social events we have planned! Our packages will make your experience here cheaper because apart from the time you’ll save and all the money saving tips you’ll receive there is also bucket loads of discounts and deals to take advantage of.
You’ll have choices: Our role is to give you the best options that we can find, so we meet and assess the offerings of different companies, research what they offer, and where possible try to get additional deals. You can then make an informed choice based on what’s right for you.

Because of our Arrival Info Session & After Party
Say the word orientation and it conjures up an image of classroom seating and heavy eye syndrome! Not with us – and don’t just take our word for it, we have testimonials galore from people who were not expecting it to be so enjoyable or informative - such doubt! Amazing info, lots of humour, drinks, nibbles and a party at the bar afterwards – now that’s a welcome!
Our events: Here at BritBound we’re not just about jobs, bank accounts and National Insurance Numbers! We organise regular events, tours and parties to ensure your social calendar is the envy of everyone back home! BritBound runs Monopoly Board Pub Crawls, Thames Boat Cruises, Weekly Friday ‘Pub Then Club’ nights, Fancy Dress Parties, Restaurant Nights, Ascot Race Days and lots of ‘Half Price’ Musical Evenings.. meeting people has never been so easy.

The people you’ll meet through our events
Our BritBounders are all independent travellers, friends, couples, partners and often groups of 3 or 4 friends. They are here to work, earn money, have fun and travel. The more people you meet the more fun and enjoyable living here becomes. Our social events range from the intimate...Friday Night Pub drinks (20-30 people), Quiz Nights (10-20 people), to the crazy Boat Cruises (250 people) and our flagship event the Monopoly Pub Challenge (150 people).

The support you’ll get from us – that you never realised you needed.  
Right now it’s hard to envisage why you’d need our help – surely a bank account is a bank account and getting a job just takes time?

Okay so here’s Anna; she applied for a bank account through LLoydsTSB whilst still overseas, but she has heard nothing back and leaves in 2 weeks.  She calls their main help number which is routed to their call centre in India and after 20 minutes on the phone (no doubt at a high cost) they are unable to assist her in finding out exactly where her application is at. Had she been a BritBounder she would have had our support and because we have real people’s numbers, at manager and director levels, we will be able to get a response to her enquiry. How? Because they know that for us to continue recommending them they need to keep you happy – and it works!

Another example is that of David Smith. He was looking for a finance role in the UK and has sent his CV off to a number of agencies but has not heard back – He arrived 4 weeks ago and is beginning to get very anxious – understandably. Had he been a BritBounder we would have recommended agencies that we have already pre-met, agencies who have provided a direct contact to send CV’s too (rather than an info@) and who have signed an agreement with us to say that they will contact our BritBounders to inform them whether or not they will be inviting them in for an interview.

How you become part of it

Becoming a BritBounder – the great thing about BritBound is all you need to do to become part of it is to have purchased one of our packages. Yep it’s that straightforward! Once a BritBounder you have full access to the website, your BritBound portal and can take advantage of all our events with the lower ‘BritBounder’ prices.

It’s all about our Hit The Ground Running Packages

If you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to get living and working in the UK then our Hit The Ground Running Packages are the way to do it! A ‘just what you need’ combination of products and services to get you set up and settled in.  And less time spent ‘sorting stuff out’ means the sooner you can start enjoying all the mind-blowing experiences and adventures that await you!  It’s a no brainer!


Hear what our BritBounders have to say...


Britbound has been there to guide me during and upon arrival and consistently continue to help support me. I knew I would get help but never expected to get the help they offered and the ease of how they get you settled in.

Payton Gosselin

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