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BritBound is an award-winning relocation service and social events club all in one. Based in London, we provide friendly face-to-face support for everything involved in moving to the UK. With over 2000 BritBounders coming though our doors every year and a community of 5,000+ in the UK, there is always someone you can share the adventure with. Connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! 

"From end to end, an amazing service. A phone call right from the start to put me at ease and answer any pressing concerns I have before I took off! Couldn't imagine how much of a hassle it would have been settling in without Britbound. They hooked me up with an Oyster and SIM card before I even arrived!

Awesome genuine friendly staff that bend over backwards for you. They have a crazy active social events scene and their career section even landed me a job! Would recommend this service to anyone heading over that wants a big head start in this huge city."

Kevin Smith- Australia


"So great, I decided to go to the UK without any family or friends there, and they've provided me with everything I needed. Not only are their resources for helping me find work and accommodation invaluable, their social even calendar and network of other travellers is invaluable when you're travelling solo like me!'

Jasmine Vickery- New Zealand


"I just can say, that I am so glad, to have Britbound with me for this adventure here in London. They enabled me to find accomodation and work, and completed appointments for a British Bankaccount and the National Insurance Number for me. This was such an important step, that I could never do without their help. But apart from all these procedures that you need to start a life in the UK, they have always an open ear for me, whenever I need to talk about things that bothered me. They welcomed me so warm and friendly and when I now visit team in the base, it feels like visiting family.

I recommend traveling with BritBound, it is so worth it. Especially for people not coming from Europe it is a good choice, you will see a lot oft he UK and Europe trough them. But even for european citizens it is worth it, you will meet so many great people from all over the world and can be at so many awesome places in this time. Life is sometimes hard here in London, but you will definitely don´t have to face the problems alone." 


Til Kuder - Germany


"I would recommend BritBound to anyone and everyone I know coming over here. They ease the process in ways that cannot even be described. Thanks, BritBound for making this move as easy and comfortable as it has been, without you I think I would be in a very different position!"

Laura Andrews- Canada


"I couldn't have wished for a better introduction...the variety of events and the great mix of people I have met through BritBound has made my transition into London life seamless and unforgettable!"

Amy Fuchsbichler – Australian - Business Analyst


"I cannot begin to rave about Britbound enough!!!!! They are simply the best, and provides you with a carefree and blissfully smooth transition into London life! Having never travelled solo before, never mind relocating to another country, my nerves & apprehension as to what to expect and how I'd cope were immense! How silly in hindsight, as from day one at my arrival meeting, I met and began wonderful friendships with the amazing team, as well as meeting a few people I now count as my best friends! The beauty of it, is that throughout the weekly drink catch ups they arrange, day tours, Topdeck tour assistance, and random get togethers (like VIP seating at pubs to watch rugby), you continue to not only expand your growing social circle, but also swap stories & tips for various London living factors, and the ever busy Facebook social page means that there is ALWAYS something appearing on your phone home screen smile

If you are wanting to make the move, dont even second guess this decision.... I can tell you without a moments doubt that I never would have my found my London experience to be a fraction of how great its been, without this wonderful organisation, the people who run & work for it, and the group of people apart of it, whom you affectionately come to know as your fellow Britbounders & mates! smile
The only downside you may ask...? Lol, just prepare your livers..... The beers ciders and wine are always flowing, and I mean flowing, so brace yourself!
Happy London living to you all, you are in excellent hands!"

Graham Smith - Australia 


"These guys have been GREAT these past few years. Whenever I had a question they were on it 110%. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone, and will! I wish there was one for Germany. There is so much bureaucracy and paper work to do here they'd have their work cut out smile"

Brady Allen- Canada


"When I joined BritBound to get help with my visa I had no idea the extent of how much they would help.... Majority of my friends in London were met through BritBound. Truly don't know what I would have done without them!"

Demie Mayall – Australia


"BritBound provides an excellent service that is highly professional. The range of events and social gatherings is diverse and frequent. I'd recommend BritBound to any of my friends making the move to the UK."

Nick Wallwork – New Zealand - Recruitment Consultant


"Britbound has been a huge part of my adventure moving abroad. I am extremely grateful to have joined the company as they have provided me with absolutely everything I could have needed. The support and advice I received is forever appreciated and would recommend Britbound to anyone planning to move abroad."

Carla Cornejo – Canada


"We (2 Germans) are so happy that we found BritBound! They supported us in everything like finding accommodation in a lovely shared house. They also helped us to find work very quickly, it took us only five days to start working for a hospitality agency. Furthermore, they arranged appointments to get our National Insurance Numbers and bank accounts, which are very essential. But the most important thing is, that we felt always welcome in their office when we had any queries or stopped by for a little chat. Since they made it possible for us to feel at home in London very quickly, we had time left to discover and enjoy the city without any worries. Keep it up, BritBound"

Gianna Casamassima and Marius Domke- Germany 


"I'm heading off to Swansea, Wales after BritBound sorted me out with a live in bar job, took all of 20 mins. Earlier this year 2 weeks after I arrived they helped me get work in the Summer camps (one of the best jobs I've had) which paid for my travels in Europe. If London is feeling scary, lonely or stressful you're doing it wrong...BritBound will help out. Not to mention the Friday drinks and other social events!!! Thanks for everything." 


Hear what our BritBounders have to say...


The best thing I could have done in order to manage the transition to UK smoothly. BritBound made the transition so easy in respect to bank accounts, NI numbers, etc.and I have made such close wonderful friends through their social events that is just priceless!

Kylie Tempest

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