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4 Months mail holding and forwarding service for a couple.

Some FAQ’s BritBounds Mail Holding and Forwarding service
1.How will I know that mail has arrived for me?
When post arrives we will send you out an e-mail notifying you of this. In this email we will also ask you whether you would like your mail held ready for you to collect or  be forwarded (you can supply the address, just not overseas)

2.How do I inform you of an address change?

In  each  e-mail  we  send  you  out  notifying  you  that  post  has  arrived we  will  let  you  know  the address we have on record. If this has changed you simply just notify us by return e-mail and we can update our records.

3.Where do I collect the mail from?

All mail is held at the London Base in Fulham – the address isBritBound,  (Insert your full name) 15 Hurlingham Studios,  Ranelagh Gardens,  Fulham, SW6 3PA

4.What hours can I collect my mail from?

The Base is open for mail collection Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.  Thursdays we are open until 7pm on request so just let us know you need us to stay late.

5.Can you open my mail so I can see what it is before I collect it?

Yes – you just need to give us permission to do so in writing – we will securely seal any envelopes that we open.

6.Can I send someone else to collect it?

Yes – you just need to give us permission to do so in writing

7.What happens when the expiry date passes?

You  will  receive  an  e-mail  letting  you  know  that  your  mail  holding  and  forwarding  is  about  to expire with an option to extend the service.

8.Can I have parcels sent?

Yes absolutely, but please ensure that any shipping or VAT charges are paid (the better companies will  quote  an  inclusive  price)  as  we  cannot  pay  for  any  deliveries  on  your  behalf.  We  cannot  be held liable for any perishable goods (! – ask us about the cheese incident!) or breakages! 

9.Will you hold my mail after my mail holding has expired?

You will receive an e-mail letting you know that your  mail  holding service is about to expire. We will hold for a further 2 weeks but please understand that we have a lot of post arrive here and space is limited so we will have to return to sender if you do not make ongoing arrangements for your correspondence.

4 Months Mail Holding and Forwarding Service (Couple)







Tier Pricing What is Tier Pricing?

£ 52.5
£ 55

Event Details

BritBound Base
15 Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham SW6 3PA

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