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Full Monty

Full Monty

If you are looking for the ‘one package does it all’ option then this is definitely it! Appropriately named, Full Monty is a perfect solution if you just want to get it all sorted out, in the minimum amount of time, and with the minimum amount of effort!

We will promise to organise your job and visa with a no visa no fee guarantee. Then, not only will you be met at the airport and taken directly to your accommodation, but it also includes the full Pre-Departure package so you’ll get an Oyster Card and SIM sent out to you (both pre-credited) before you leave home. If you need a fast-track or ancestry visa, you can easily upgrade at the check out process. Now that’s what we call ‘Hitting The Ground Running’!

  • A No Visa No Fee Price Promise
  • Job Promise - Bar & Hospitality, Administration, Customer Service, Construction & Trades, Teaching, Childcare and Live in Caring
  • 3 Nights Accommodation Sorted
  • Private Airport Transfer Arranged
  • SIM Card and Oyster Travelcard each with £10 credit posted to you before you leave home
  • And all the inclusions of our Basix Package

Our ‘Hit the Ground Running’ packages are carefully put together to balance...

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    BritBound was an awesome way to meet people in the same shoes, trips are always better in numbers and BritBound takes care of all the planning! glad we joined before arriving. set us up with bank acc and NI numbers and my boyfriend and I got jobs within weeks of arriving so really glad we didn't need to stress about that stuff.

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    BritBound was an awesome way to meet people in the same shoes, trips are always better in numbers and BritBound takes care of all the planning! glad we joined before arriving. set us up with bank acc and NI numbers and my boyfriend and I got jobs within weeks of arriving so really glad we didn't need to stress about that stuff.

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    BritBound was an awesome way to meet people in the same shoes, trips are always better in numbers and BritBound takes care of all the planning! Glad we joined before arriving. Set us up with bank acc and NI numbers and my boyfriend and I got jobs within weeks of arriving so really glad we didn't need to stress about that stuff.

    Jessica Clarke

    Jessica Clarke

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This package includes:

YMV Tier 5 Visa Application
  • Around one-in-five visa applications get rejected so getting it right the first time will avoid costly delays! So don’t leave yours to chance! Our visas consultants will complete your visa application for you, check all your supporting documents and only submit when everything is in order. Spare yourself the ‘Will I, won’t I get it’ stress and let us ensure your application goes through first time around.

A No Visa No Fee Promise
  • We offer a ‘No Visa No Fee’ Promise – so if you apply for your visa and don’t get it, we’ll refund your package. That’s how confident we are that with our help you’ll have your visa stamped in your passport and back in your hands!

    *Please note that our Visa Package Fee does not include the ‘Entry Clearance’ Fee and ‘International Health Surcharge’, which is payable directly to the Government once your application is complete and ready to submit. This will then entitle you to unlimited access to NHS healthcare in the UK for the full duration of your visa. This means that you will receive fee-free access to NHS hospitals and GPs, as well as heavily subsidised dentistry.

Job Promise
  • If starting work quickly is the goal then this Job Promise Package is definitely the way to go. Getting that all important first job can often take weeks but the Job Promise means that BritBound will get you working within 14 days of arrival… furthermore we also promise that you will earn the cost of this service back within the first 30 days otherwise you`ll be refunded the cost of the Job Promise Service*. Job Promise are available in Bar & Hospitality, Administration, Customer Service, Construction & Trades, Teaching & Teaching Assistant, and Childcare.

    * The 30 day Job Promise starts after completing all registration and required industry standard tests (if applicable). The cost of the Job Promise Service is valued at £165 set in pounds sterling - if work has not been gained within the 30 day period, then you will be refunded this amount in full. If work has been gained within the 30 day period, but the cost of the Job Promise Service has not been earned back within this period, then BritBound will refund the difference.

3 Nights hostel Accommodation
  • If you are thinking about arriving into London and finding somewhere to stay, think again! This is one city where you will definitely need to have something pre-arranged. Being based over here we know all the main hostels, the good, the great and the stay well clear of!  We only work with London’s award winning hostels so your choice will guarantee you are staying only in hostels recommended and favoured by other BritBounders. We use 4 or 6 bedded, single sex dorms that once booked you can upgrade to other room types for more preferences.

Door To Door Airport Transfer
  • If the thought of arriving into the busiest airport in the world is not one you’re overjoyed at then you’ll love the concept of being chauffeur driven directly to your accommodation! Forget the Underground rush hour, escalators, steps and suitcase dragging - this is about chilling out in the back seat and enjoying the sights of your new city from air conditioned comfort. You’ll be met at the airport and taken directly to your accommodation.

Oyster Travel Card
  • Oyster is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London. This is a plastic re-useable smartcard that not only gives you access to the cheaper fares but it is so much easier than queuing for paper tickets.  You can put Travelcards, Bus & Tram passes or keep topping up with ‘pay as you go’ credit.

£10 Credit for your UK SIM
  • Your SIM card will come pre-loaded with £10 credit so that you can arrive in the UK with a SIM Card that can be used to make calls straightaway. You will be able to use your SIM as soon as you touch down in the UK - don’t forget to unblock your handset so that you can add the SIM.  (Your SIM and Credit Voucher will be posted to you before you leave - provided you have 4 weeks)

£10 Preloaded Credit for your Oyster Card
  • To go with your Oyster card we are including £10 credit that will be pre-loaded onto your card. If you are hitting the Underground as soon as you arrive at Heathrow you can use this card to get into the city centre. It is also valid on overground trains within the Greater London area. If you want to add more than £10 you can either do this through your BritBound Portal or at any station when you get to the UK

Choice of UK SIM Card
  • All of our packages include a UK Sim Card and we provide your number straight away so you can give it out to your family, friends and any employers or recruitment agencies even before you leave. Being contactable from the word go is a huge benefit especially when it comes to getting work here and pretty sure your nearest and dearest will be relieved to know they can get hold of you once you’ve arrived and turned your phone on. Your SIM will be waiting for you to pick up on arrival into the BritBound Base. Or you can upgrade and select for it to be posted to you home address before departure.

    All of the SIMs are mainstream network providers. There are a whole host of SIM brands that piggy back off the networks – trouble is many are here today gone tomorrow brands that look like a great deal but are actually riddled with hidden charges and fees. But if you are looking to live and work here for an extended period you need a network that has great coverage and competitive contract offerings. These SIMs are set up on a Pay As You Go system but the numbers are portable so when you have enough credit history and can move onto a contract you won’t need to change numbers.

Overseas Postage of your SIM & Oyster Card
  • To really help you ‘Hit The Ground Running’ we will post out to you your SIM & Oyster card so that you can use these as soon as you land in the UK. If you are travelling from Heathrow then you can use your Oyster card to get into and around London. There will need to be 4 weeks before you depart to give us enough time for this to reach you. If you have less than 4 weeks then you can collect these when you come along to the Arrival Info Party

Phone call from our team
  • Organised or in complete disorder? Excited or at panic central? Can’t wait to jump on the plane or are you looking at the cancellation terms! Whatever stage or emotional state you are in there is always something incredibly reassuring in talking to someone who understands where you’re coming from. Whether you have a million and one questions or just want to hear more about what lies ahead, this is a great chance to get advice, answers, ideas and inspiration.

UK Bank Account Opening
  • If there’s one area that will have you reaching for the Calmomile tea it is the topic of UK Bank Accounts. With opening criteria that changes with the tides, it is no wonder this area has many on the brink of a mental breakdown! Luckily BritBound has been around for years, we know how the banks work and we can go to the very top if we need to get things fixed for you! We’ll ensure you get a UK account! There are a number of options available; the choice of bank account we recommend will be determined on your passport and visa type. However all options we offer are a same day account.

Unlimited Fee Free Money Transfers
  • This is something you may not even have thought about yet…how do you get your money from one country to another? How do you ensure that when you get here you have a bank account with funds you can access? Because using ATM cards overseas can be costly, very costly.  Well the answer is with an International Money Transfer. But transferring money can be an expensive undertaking. Banks usually charge a fee to carry this out for you; then the receiving bank charges too. Ouch! There are lots of options out there but as a one off transaction you really cannot beat the exchange rate of an online money transfer company.

National Insurance Number
  • It is a legal requirement when you work in the UK to have an NI number so we will ensure that you get your number set up as quickly as possible. Your NI number is similar to a social security or tax file number and works as a unique ID number that you have for the rest of your life. It also gives you access to a whole range of services including a reciprocal health scheme with our National Health Service.

Arrival Info Party
  • What better way to celebrate your arrival to the UK and the start of your amazing adventure than with a few drinks before heading out on the town to sample the local pub scene?! Throw in a couple hours of incredibly engaging facts and essential information on living here and this is one BritBound event not to be missed. Among the priceless tips and guides on settling into the UK and London we’ll cover National Insurance, long term accommodation, finding the job you want and ideas on what to do and experience whilst you’re here.

Employment Resources and CV Template
  • The UK is a completely different Job Market; getting started on the right foot is key! Being a BritBounder means that you have access to our employment resources; handy ”Working In” guides, UK specific CV template, as well as insider tips and our exclusive Jobs Board. Furthermore our resident experts can further assist with Payroll Services as well as comprehensive tax tutorials to better understand what your options are once you’re working!

Accommodation Advice and Assistance
  • Whether you are looking for a short term solution to arriving here or something more long term then we’ll have some options. We work not only with London’s top award winning hostels but also credible agencies and landlords who have houses and rooms available across London. When you come along to our Arrival Info Party we’ll talk through tips and advice on things to be aware of and how to go about finding something suitable. We also invite landlords along to answer questions and you will have access to an accommodation listing that’s exclusive to BritBounders.

Discounted entry to the legendary ‘Church’ Bar/Club
  • They say you have not ‘done London’ unless you’ve experienced the Church. Not for the faint hearted and possibly a little too crazy to put into words. It’s basically a nightclub you go to in the day! But as we say to everyone – go and see for yourself then judge!

Walkabout Pub Discounts
  • The legendary Walkabout Bars have 22 venues throughout the UK including the must see Temple Bar in London. The BritBound/Walkabout discount card offers 25% off food, shots from £1.50, mixed drinks & pints from £2 and a heap of other drink deals. There are also other specific deals saving you loads of money at each bar!

5 Day Gym Trial
  • Whether you are a gym bunny or not, Fitness First is offering BritBounders a 5 day gym trial to help you beat the ‘Heathrow Injection’ (also known as too many pints and pies) and make sure that you’re ready to enjoy the British Summer!!

Discounted entry to the Ministry of Sound
  • In the highly unlikely event that you do not own a Ministry of Sound compilation (or even more unlikely you have never heard of them), then here’s your chance to find out what all the fuss is about! Because even after 20 years it is still at the forefront of the global dance music scene and what a night / morning out it is!  Your Discounted Entry (save up to £20) can be redeemed at one of the many key events throughout the year including our very own BritBound exclusive nights, where we have the venue to ourselves before the doors open to the general public.

Discounted entry to the Monopoly Pub Crawl
  • Our legendary Monopoly Pub Crawl visits many of the famous landmarks featured on the famous Monopoly Board with some additional Community and Chest challenges thrown in! With numbers averaging around 150 this is a social event on a grand scale! Save at least £5.

Membership to our social events club
  • Whether you’re travelling to the UK on your own, with a partner or in a group of friends, meeting new people is one of the most enjoyable aspects of living and working overseas.

    The BritBound social events membership gives you access to 365 exclusive BritBound events per year and also discounts on many London, UK and European outings, events and adventures. From cheap price theatre nights, pub quiz’s, boat cruises, festivals and weekend tours…the BritBound social events calendar will ensure that your diary is the envy of all.

No Expiry Open Door Policy
  • Once a BritBounder always a BritBounder! Whether you want to come and chill out at our base in London, take advantage of the free Wifi or simply come round for a cuppa and a catch up our door is always open. There is no expiry on our support, we’re here for you for as much or as little as you need us to be.

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